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American Wife

American Wife - Curtis Sittenfeld It was never my intention to get the book. Basically because the title speaks for itself, I knew from then on it’s about a story of a first lady and her sentiments about being one. I knew clearly I was not the right market for it but since a reliable source told me that if I appreciate chick-lit, I should give this a try. I thought why not, it was employee sale if I get two more, I’ll get one more book for free. So along with Luanne Rice’s book, I took it and started reading the night after. I keep turning the pages until I grew so tired of waiting for another chapter (what can I do reading many chapters motivate me).

The book was subdivided into four parts, almost equally divided as per places she lived, from her childhood, to her days working at the library, to her married life and lastly her life as the wife of the President. I guess at some point I grew so tired of waiting for another chapter, perhaps one of the reasons why it took me months to finish this. I was interested except that a great part of it I admit I’m not.

I’m sick of dealing with Andrew Imhof all throughout the story. No one has ever evolved to help Alice find closure when she unintentionally killed the boy, the supposedly love of her life. It was like just putting a band aid all-throughout, it was never resolved even towards the end. Or was it when the silver heart pendant was returned to her? I don’t have suggestion as to which plot the author should have thought of, neither contest her creativity. I don’t have any special wishes to make the story even better. I just wouldn’t recommend it if not without Charlie’s existence. Charlie even though it resonate the character of George Bush (having terrorism situations and Alice’s character being paralleled to the character of Laura Bush) has been really adorable and has provided a good balance to Alice’s stiff character and too much indecision. I just wish I never found out that the inspiration is rooted to their lives; I wish I could have imagined Bill and Hillary Clinton instead.