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Something Blue

Something Blue - Emily Giffin I cannot believe how I have managed to put off reading the second installment of this book series (Darcy & Rachel). As I read through other versions of book reviews, I can honestly say that I share the similar angst against Darcy after reading the first book (probably because it was written in Rachel’s point of view).

Yes, Darcy is selfish, shallow and for a friend she can be a total bitch. Rachel’s character in the first book is not pristine as well. She is the ultimate parent-pleaser, a doormat in her past relationships and it is gray – she is human enough to choose love over friendship, to commit what on paper is a true violation of friendship rules. In her perspective, we are diverted into the idea that Rachel deserve better; worthy of Dex’s love more than Darcy. We are made to agree that it’s about time that Rachel wins this Darcy’s pathetic competition. Clearly, the spotlight is on Rachel. I have disregarded the fact that there is always something good about a person no matter what and this is typically overlooked when it is presented as the antagonist.

On the first few chapters of Something Blue, I still despise Darcy’s ways especially that part when she attempted to have Dex back after being dumped by Marcus. True enough, it is anticipated that the latter will be a failed relationship. It was established even before book two started that Marcus is not ready to settle down. Would you blame him if he is being such an ass? No. Darcy is correct when she said that she is that type who can always charm her way to whatever she wants. What Darcy wants, Darcy gets.

So how come she did not get Dex back? It was answered later, when Darcy concluded that “cheating” never happens in good relationships. Dex is the perfect profile for the ‘husband-to-be’ category. He is the guy any girl would love to introduce to their parents and he is the guy all parents would approve. With Dex, Darcy was convinced that he is the right man. Darcy is correct; however, their relationship is not good enough. They both cheated on their relationship, no matter how perfect everyone perceived it. Marcus is the father of the child she was carrying (or the babies) but the relationship with him is filled with dissatisfaction and unhappy compromise. Marcus will never will himself to make Darcy happy. As Ethan said, “You can only control your actions. Not other people’s reactions.”

Everything that is happening is not how Darcy operates.

“I don’t break up, I trade up.”

She replaced Rachel right away, with Claire who later betrayed her.

She replaced Dex with Marcus, who later decided against their plan to be together. He doesn’t want to be involved in Darcy’s pregnancy.

She was in conflict with her Mom after her strong disapproval of settling down with Marcus.

She went back to her old friend Annalise (whom she guiltily have consistently taken for granted) only to realize that going for her friend’s suggestion to go back to Indianapolis to raise the kid with her parents would mean a “downgraded” lifestyle. She obviously cannot afford to do that, until she suggested Ethan.

Ethan was her last choice despite the fact that he obviously favored Rachel. It was a difficult call for Ethan to let Darcy stay with him in London.

When I reached this part, I am slowly feeling Darcy’s frustration. When she went out shopping, I felt that sense of bravery in her, no negative judgment there. When the world turned upside down and when she realized that her charmed life is over, she did not let it pull her down. Darcy knows how to take care of herself; have managed to still enjoy the wonderful things (no matter how superficial it can get) even if everyone has already turned their backs.

Clearly for almost over a month, Ethan was not being cooperative until it reached the threshold; Darcy hit her boiling point after her encounter with Ethan’s friend Pheobe. She felt betrayed for not having the chance to preempt the encounter with Ethan's friends who apparently have already met and heard Rachel's side of the story. Darcy’s confrontation with Ethan had led them to speak the truth, of what Darcy refused to accept. She needs to examine her ways, let go and decide to be better – no more escaping and no more temporary fixes.

Ethan is her last chance. Her twins are her hope.

The hope part was easily diguised in Geoffrey or her Alistair in the beginning, but as Darcy's character is significantly improving. She realized she cannot continue her relationship with Geoffrey. She could be her salvation and admittedly the old Darcy would have preferred this. The changed that happened, which was triggered by Ethan was the better version of Darcy. It was at this point that it becomes clear to her that she wants Ethan or nothing at all. The selfish Darcy did not win it this time, she made the right decision when she broke up with Geoffrey.

I’d love to go over every detail of what happens after. Emily Giffin is a genius for putting this all together. I want to include some more of my comments about the supporting characters: Meg and Charlotte, Geoffrey and Sondrine. I also love that part where Rachel and Darcy forgave each other. I cried as I read through Rachel’s letter and when Darcy called her.

I could write a chapter by chapter review of this book, proof of my love to this wonderful work of the author but I hate to burden whoever's reading this book review. I understand it will be too much. So I will stick with my favorite part and that is, Ethan and Darcy.

If one day, I will decide to read this again, I will start in that chapter where their sleeping arrangement began. I am charmed by that pregnant lady who needs to pee in the middle of the night. I cried and kept smacking my pillow as I giggle, Ethan is just unbelievably sweet.

I love their platonic, “I love you”.

I swoon with Ethan’s foot and back massage. Need I say more?

I cannot move on. I love this book… so much (apparently).