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The Little Prince

The Little Prince - Katherine Woods, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry I guess I owe this book a 5-star rating, not primarily driven by how others have mostly thought so but because right after I finished it, some words have been imprinted on me.

“One loves the sunset, when one is so sad…”

“You mix everything up together… you confuse everything”

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

I admit to have had a difficult time reading the book mainly because of its metaphorical aspect. I was, at first, deceived by the short number of pages but overall, my verdict is that: it is not an easy read (one that demands time to be read over and over) but definitely something that is worth re-reading.
After finishing the last part of the book, I can’t help but skim back the pages and recall what once has been highlighted in my thoughts.
In my opinion, I think I am the little prince. The little prince is innate in all of us. I was once told that when we got stuck in life’s tangled life, there’s only one place to go -- to the basic. This is where we explore innocence, where we become eager to know, where we make baby steps progress and where we have a faith like a child.

The planets, I think are representation of the kinds of situation that we have to deal with. The people we engaged with could be different depending on the situation but the little prince have remained consistent.

Exactly, how the book ended, I will end this review open-ended. I need to re-read this book and see if I will either grow or change my perspective.