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20 Times a Lady

20 Times a Lady - Karyn Bosnak I like it, that’s what I know when I bought this book. I just never knew that I am going to love it this much. This definitely tops my “to read again” list.

First thing to appreciate about the novel is the author’s creativity. Every page is like sneaking in and taking part to the life of Delilah Darling, feeling as if it was your voice speaking for her. The next thing to put emphasis on is the fact that Karyn Bosnak is hilarious and definitely deserves the “superb” remark for her first novel. Although, there may be minor flaws as to the way she wrote it, the structure and creative setting of characters have somehow concealed it, thus, allow readers to feel more relax and literally laugh page after page. Some parts made me teary-eyed as well – some “can relate to” parts. It also felt nice to have a Filipino touch in it; there is a special page. It may not be flattering but it just amazes me how some foreign authors were able to embed it in their novel like it was some kind of a French word. I wonder how she’d learn it.

20 times a lady is more than just “the number”. It’s about finding the courage to humbly accept failure and be enlightened afterwards that really there is nothing to feel regret about. It was inspiring to realize that mistakes make up the better person we are now and is bound to become.
I probably will never get over Roger and his braided belt, Delilah’s insane mom Kitty, Eva the yorkie with a lesbian haircut, Grandpa kicking Patsy and Colin and his abs (long sigh).

It is a bit naughty but assumed safe to read for the not so naughty. It is definitely a must-have to every chick-lit fan. I can’t wait to watch the movie version of this – “What’s your number?”