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My Imaginary Ex

My Imaginary Ex - Mina V. Esguerra I usually just get tears from reading when the storyline is a bit boring and I am just simply forcing myself at least for the sake of getting to the end of it. The tears were of course induced by drowsiness. A professor once told me that there is a connection between feeling sleepy and lacking capacity to understand during class. I have to do the long introduction because the first thing that I love about “my imaginary ex” is the fact that characters are gradually introduced, it lets the audience get the feel of each individual personalities, for a moment get creative and imagine it as if it’s a scene from a movie, or at least a time spared to feel as if you knew the characters personally. I can only handle 3 to 4 characters introduced first time in a chapter, if it exceeds the number there will definitely be confusion in my head. The attachment was perfectly built as the story progresses, in short, I never lost focus on the lead characters, that by the time I hit this particular line: “Because it looked like everyone knew it but us, and that made me want to cry“, a tear fell from my eye, as if I was Jasmine.

I guess I will never get over Chapter 11, I was so moved by Zack’s sweetness as Jasmine reminisces. I felt like for a moment I stole the Jasmine part and played it myself in the movie, like I was the one experiencing everything.

And then it’s past midnight, way past bedtime but I kept turning one more page, too eager to know what happened next. I struggled to keep my strong personality intact but when time brought me to this line, “Can we talk now?” I finally became aware of the big lump in my throat. It stayed there as I quickly read through and until there were real tears, overflowing this time.

I think this isn’t just about finding love, to me the impact of it is inspiring, from having been beautifully and creatively written, to hoping and never losing the grip no matter what, to having the courage and no longer staying stuck waiting.

Favorite line from Zack: “I hated that guy from the start and I never lied to you about it. I let you stay with him because you kept choosing to go back. Even when I was just there the whole time.”