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How to Be Single

How to Be Single - Liz Tuccillo I’m only going to give this book 2 stars rating because I am definitely not going to recommend it to all the single ladies. I will not recommend this book because it’s one that you can partly relate to especially at the part where you get to answer one of life’s toughest questions, “why are we still single?” Believe me, it’s depressing to hear your own thoughts at someone else’s words. Like a sharp knife, it could shred you into pieces.

I don’t know if I missed out that piece in the book where it was answered perfectly. Perhaps, there isn’t any perfect answer the same perspective as there isn’t anyone too perfect to decide a life or perhaps a commitment to a single lady. All of us have expectations; we learned it best in school to have this certain degree of standards. We envisioned our future and decide to live it the way we wanted it. Sometimes, what we do not want is intact, but gradually as we grow older we start to understand more that to survive the day to day struggle with loneliness we have to live less than what we have earlier designed ourselves to. It’s as if time is running out.

Maybe it’s true that miracles do happen. Maybe it’s true that happiness is not dependent on someone else.

Actually, after reading the book, I don’t know what to believe now. I only felt like whatever life’s outcome will be it doesn’t matter. What I put more value now is how much I’m learning to accept one scenario to another despite being the opposite of what I really want. Or maybe it’s more of an understanding that God’s plan is way better than what I have perceived. Love and commitment for a single lady like me may be a long shot but the way I see things now, dwelling on that fact is pretty exhausting. I don’t need to see the world to learn how married couples did it. I don’t need to compare and feel less of myself. To love someone and be loved in a romantic kind of way will remain to be beyond my control. To love life and to decide to be happy is in my hands. I learned that for it to be feasible one must learn to embrace change.